Our practice is named Soul Silhouette Healing because we try to look at your cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being as all being connected and influencing one another.  Tailoring sessions to your needs and comfort level allows you to choose from conventional counselling, somatic experiencing, art therapy and/or psychotherapeutic yoga to reveal or express suppressed feelings, and to unlock those places in the body where feelings and experiences are often stored. Separately or together, these approaches are powerful channels allowing for whole self healing.  

We work with individuals, couples and families to offer opportunities to heal, grow and thrive within all the dynamics and relationships in your life.

Conventional Counselling

Most counsellors use some form of conversational counselling.  During these types of sessions, a counsellor often asks pointed questions to help increase your awareness while gaining insight and re-framing perspective.  Psychoeducation is a big part of this process so that you leave each session understanding things in a different way than when you came in.

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Somatic Experiencing® 

Somatic experiencing is considered one of the most effective counselling methods to process trauma and other unresolved and stagnant experiences that have left behind physical, emotional and physiological residue.  You can learn to understand and get to know your nervous system and how it has been impacted by life's experiences.  This will help establish regulation and support to process these residues.  You will feel more grounded, capable and resilient within yourself as you are supported to identify, process and emotionally digest uncomfortable and often unrelenting experiences.  Somatic experiencing will help you process past traumas, remove or reduce anxiety, and reestablish a balanced emotional state along with a sense of well-being.

Art Therapy

Maybe you’d rather not talk.  Maybe you’re interested in the idea of using art to explore and express yourself?  Maybe you’re like me and believe you’re horrible at drawing?  Or, maybe you already use creative outlets to

escape the busy-ness of life?  If any of these sound like you, then Art Therapy might be for you - yes, even those of us who can’t draw!! 

Psychotherapeutic Yoga

Many of our cognitive and emotional patterns are stored within the body - moving through gentle yoga postures designed to develop balance, inner strength and groundedness allows the body to initiate the unravelling of these holding patterns, opening up the mind. Specific breathing techniques and guided meditation after the postures calm the nervous system and center the mind as it opens. With the mind in a state of openness and the body in a state of peaceful balance exceptional healing and growth can occur especially when combined with counselling and somatic experiencing.