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About Counselling

Why Counselling?

Every age, every life stage is the best age and stage to engage in counselling. People of every culture, race, and faith can benefit from counselling.  There is no problem, concern, grief, transition, wondering or conflict that counselling cannot assist you to shine a new light of perspective and insight onto.  Every gender and orientation, all shapes sizes and abilities of bodies are perfectly within the scope of meaningful conversations that occur in while in counselling.  Every person around the globe feels, so why not come into counselling and feel supported while you feel your way through the uncomfortable stuff. 

Come on in - you’ll leave feeling refreshed, hopeful, and empowered!

Our welcoming waiting space

A Bespoke Counselling Experience

Individual Counselling

Individuals who come for counselling are brave, strong and determined to feel better than they have been.  They are problem solvers who strive for the wellness and betterment of their lives. We will work alongside you to identify areas of life you're wanting to improve and we will support you in the ways that are unique and specific to your needs and preferences.  We never have the same conversation twice; we are committed to organically responding to each person and their way of existing in their world so we can glimpse what life feels like for them.  And only from that understanding, can we offer the right support and guidance you're working so hard to find.


Couples Counselling

Relationships are an integral part of our lives, and sometimes they can also feel challenging and complicated too.  We welcome all kinds of couples &/or relationships.  We will take the time needed to understand the strengths, difficulties, and complexities of every relationship and we will listen and support with neutrality.  We are skilled at helping partners to learn to hear one another, to begin to see and more intimately know one another. We will offer practice new ways of interacting with one another while working to repair hurt and re-establish connection where estrangement may have taken hold. It is never too late to clear away the emotional barriers that may have grown and to find your way back to one another more rejuvenated and connected than ever before!

Family Counselling

Families are complex and diverse; openness, collaboration, effective commutation, shared respect, and unity are often what families are striving for.  We believe that because families are a microcosm, the most effective way to ensure the emotional and spiritual health of the family unit, all family members need to participate in the process.  We work with all kinds of families because all families are unique and require customized approaches.  We welcome families with young children, adult children, or no children.  It is never too late to repair family hurts and create a dynamic that is full of connection, affection, transparency and love.

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