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Your Healing Deepens Here

Welcome to Soul Silhouette Healing where you can find your way back to your truest self. 

We are Dana & Michael Simard and we are honoured to accompany you on your journey back to health. We want to help you heal your traumas, revive your spirit, and thrive in every area of your life.

Our conveniently located Oak Bay Avenue studio offices are warm, relaxing, and friendly... We look forward to meeting you!

Dana is only accepting clients for the "Safe & Sound Protocol" (SSP) at this time.

DanaSimard, Michael Simard
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I'm Michael Simard, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I provide counselling to individuals and couples in Victoria, BC. I am dedicated to supporting the reclamation of your authentic self.  I can help you rejuvenate your relationships as well as resolve emotions and experiences that feel stuck and immoveable.  You will embrace a new-found sense of joy and purpose while living the life you deserve!

 Currently, Michael is accepting clients on a limited basis.

​I'm Dana Simard, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Art Therapist.  I am passionate about helping you to find your way back to who you really are.  I will support you to deepen your sense of strength and resilience, to live with purpose, direction and vibrancy.   I can accompany you as you heal from life's hurts that have left you feeling stuck and stagnant.  You can step into the beautiful life you've been fighting for with joy and certainty!

Dana Simard Counsellor

Currently, Dana is only accepting clients for the Safe & Sound Protocol. Find out more here.

Why Choose Soul Silhouette Healing?

Modern & Cutting Edge Counselling

Michael and Dana offer a range of modern and scientifically supported counselling approaches including: Somatic Experiencing, The Gottman Method, & Psycho-therapeutic Yoga and more!

You will gain:

insight, understanding and skills that will continue to assist in actively creating the life you want long after counselling comes to a close.

You'll experience:

supportive guidance, clarity, and empowerment while you comfortably feel the uncomfortable stuff needed to move forward.

Let us help you:

  • Renegotiate trauma

  • Improve your vital energy & reduce stress

  • Regulate & ground your anxiety 

  • Move beyond depression

  • Process grief & loss

  • Recalibrate your relationships

  • Resolve insomnia

  • Transform Anger

  • Navigate through life's transitions

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