Welcome to a New Beginning

I'm Michael Simard, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. At Soul Silhouette Healing, we provide professional counselling support to individuals and couples in Victoria, BC. We are experienced and dedicated at helping rebuild your sense of self-esteem, rejuvenate your relationships, embrace a new-found sense of joy and purpose, resolve your sense of sadness, depression, anxiety, or stress and so much more!

​I'm Dana Simard, Registered Clinical Counsellor offering Art Therapy, Yoga Psychotherapy, and Somatic Experiencing® and owner of Soul Silhouette Healing. Discover today how to live a more empowered tomorrow...

I apologize that I am at capacity and cannot take on new clients at this time. My wait list is also full. Thank you for your understanding! 

We Can Help

We understand the importance of finding a counsellor that you can feel comfortable working with. To ensure a "good fit" we offer an initial complimentary 30 minute, no-obligation consultation with Michael or Dana. Email us now to set up your complimentary consultation. We will be sure to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


We can help you:

  • Turn Anxiety Around

  • Resolve Insomnia

  • Reduce Stress

  • Overcome Depression

  • Improve your Marriage

  • Process Grief & Loss

  • Work through Trauma

  • Transform Anger

  • Navigate Through Life's Transitions


Our studio offices are warm, relaxing, and friendly. We even offer Yoga, Chi Kung, and self defense classes in our beautiful studio space.  We are conveniently located at 1822 Oak Bay Avenue.

"You'll experience guidance, clarity, empowerment, and support while you comfortably feel the uncomfortable stuff needed to move forward."

Somatic Experiencing

What is Somatic Experiencing®?

Simply put, Somatic Experiencing utilizes therapeutic talk and exercises to assist individuals to work through past traumatic experiences such as accidents, surgeries, assaults and so on that are effecting our day to day lives via anxiety, depression, phobias, compulsive disorders, anger issues, and other common struggles.  SE (Somatic Experiencing) looks at our bodies as intelligent organisms with the medicine needed to heal already contained in the body. Somatics accesses this innate ability to heal via the nervous system where all our past traumas are stored.  

Unlike Cognitive-based therapies, Somatic Psychotherapy focuses on getting out of your head and into your body's biological intelligence. This helps you release your past traumas while rebuilding resiliency in your nervous system. It aims to help people move past the place where they might be “stuck” in processing a traumatic event by re-establishing the natural flow between mind and body and the nervous system's natural rhythms between rest and alertness.

"You will gain insight, understanding and skills that will continue to assist in actively creating the life you want long after counselling comes to a close."

Why Soul Silhoutte Healing?

1. Holistic Therapy

Dana and Michael offers a range of counselling approaches which include Clinical Counselling, Art Therapy, Somatic Experiencing  and Psychotherapeutic Yoga.

2. Michael's Rate

$180.00 / 60 minutes

3. Approachable & Insightful

People find us very approachable, capable and comfortable to be around while being effective at helping you transform your life.

Free Telephone Consultation

Michael is taking clients with limited space

Dana is NOT taking clients

Counselling works when there is a solid partnership between you and your therapist.  Beginning with a free 15 minute telephone consultation, we can begin to establish that partnership and you can learn how I can help you rediscover your resilience and regain your balance.

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