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Holistic Counselling in Victoria BC

Counselling shows courage to change

I don’t have to tell you that counselling can be seen by some as a last resort or as an indication that something is wrong with you, or that you aren’t capable of sorting through your difficulties on your own.  Counselling is exactly the opposite: Individuals who come for counselling are brave, strong and determined to feel better than they do and to build themselves and / or their relationships into something that feels amazing.  They are problem solvers who fight for the wellness and betterment of their lives rather resign

themselves to what life has become. 

Counselling is for everyone

Every age, every life stage is the best age and stage to engage in counselling. Every culture, race, and faith can benefit from counselling.  There is no problem, concern, grief, transition, wondering or conflict that counselling cannot assist you to shine a new light of perspective and insight onto.  Every gender and orientation, all shapes, sizes and abilities are perfectly within the scope of the meaningful conversations that occur while in counselling... and you have a choice of therapeutic styles including conventional Counselling, Somatic Experiencing, Art Therapy,Yoga Psychotherapy.

Counselling is redefining


Sometimes we just need a shake-up in order for our lives to re-organize themselves in a way we prefer! We can get used to doing, thinking, feeling, saying and believing the same old things over and over - maybe for years and years. Whether you prefer counselling, art therapy, somatic experiencing or yoga psychotherapy in your healing journey, you will be encouraged to explore and influence the aspects of life that are not working for you while moving at a pace that suits you.

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